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Expert Business Intelligence Developers

From Excel to DOMO, we find you expert business intelligence professionals who are skilled in dashboarding, ETL, and data analysis. We personally vet every developer for soft and hard skills that help you find amazing hires for your BI development teams.

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Why Outsource Business Intelligence With Global Hola?

When you partner with Global Hola, you have a founding team that understands business intelligence and how to find amazing outsourced professionals. 

Every BI developer/analyst is vetted by our founder Nick Canfield, an expert BI developer and consultant.

Reduce Cost

The average cost of a mid-level business intelligence professional based in the US is $46 (Oct 2023).

With Global Hola, we'll find you expert BI talents for half of that.

Find Amazing Talent

We vet all of our talents for strong soft and hard skills. Our founder Nick Canfield is a BI developer and vets every talent for great BI skills.

Hire Fast

We know your business needs to hire fast. From signing a contract to onboarding, we can place amazing business intelligence professionals in 2 - 4 weeks.

What skills do outsourced BI developers have?

From data cleaning to setting up your BI tool from scratch, our business intelligence professionals are skilled in helping businesses in all BI aspects.

  • Data Analysis and Reporting: Skilled in analyzing data and creating BI dashboards.

  • Database Management: Knowledge of database technologies like SQL, Oracle, and MySQL.

  • Data Warehousing: Experienced in working with ETL processes and tools.

  • Programming: Proficiency in programming languages like SQL, Python, and R.

  • Data Visualization: Skilled with visualization tools like DOMO, Power BI, and Tableau.

  • Problem-Solving: Strong analytical skills to solve complex problems.

  • Communication: Can communicate technical information well to non-technical stakeholders.

  • Project Management: Managing BI projects, including planning, execution, and delivery within time and budget constraints.

  • BI Tools:¬†Power BI, DOMO, QLik, Tableau, Looker Studio and more.

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What's the Hiring Process?

We first work with you to understand your business and needs for a BI developer. We then craft a fitting role and job description that we use to scour the world for your perfect BI developer.

We send you 2-3 vetted candidates within 2 weeks, and you get to make the final hiring decision, always.

Let's find your perfect outsourced BI developer

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