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When's the right time to outsource your sales team?

Learning when to outsource talents for your business can be crucial in reaching your business goals, achieving work-life balance, and managing your core tasks well. The general signs you can look to know when it’s time for you and your business to get some help by outsourcing your sales team are the following:

  • Your business keeps missing out on sales due to lack of bandwidth

  • Your current sales team doesn’t have the sales skills to meet your demand

  • Your sales team isn’t a full-time sales team and is distracted by other tasks

If you are experiencing one or two of these, you may want to consider outsourcing talents for your business ASAP. To learn more about this, you can read through the article: Is It the Right Time for Your Small Business to Consider Outsourcing?

Now, if you need a specific skill set like those of bookkeepers and certified accounting professionals for your business needs, this article will help you answer the when and why to outsource your sales team.

When to Outsource Your Sales Team?

Let us dive into the top 5 signals that say “It’s the right time to venture into outsourcing!”

#1. Your Sales Team Keeps Missing Targets

Does your in-house sales team consistently fall short of meeting targets despite your best efforts in training and resource allocation? That’s the signal right there! Have access to external sales experts. These experts can bring a fresh perspective, new strategies, and a proven track record that can breathe life into your sales efforts. This move can rejuvenate your sales initiatives and provide a much-needed boost to revenue generation.

#2. You’re Expanding into New Markets

If your business is taking the journey of expansion, you have to be prepared for the hills and lows. Preparation means having the knowledge and keen foresight of what’s beyond your target market.

Outsourced sales professionals can accelerate your entry and ensure a smoother establishment for your target market. Their familiarity with local nuances and consumer behavior is a game-changing quality in securing a strong foothold in unfamiliar territories.

#3. Your Sales Team Keeps Going Over Budget

If your company is navigating budget constraints and seeking ways to optimize costs without compromising quality, outsourcing your sales team can be a strategic move. 

Outsourcing companies or agencies offer flexible pricing models, allowing you to scale your sales operations without upfront charges and ensuring you get value for your money.

#4. Your Sales Team Keeps Getting Pulled Away into Non-Sales Tasks

Imagine juggling multiple tasks, and suddenly, managing your in-house sales team becomes a distraction from your main business goals. That’s where outsourcing swoops in as the hero of efficiency! By handing your sales duties to external experts, you unleash your internal forces to dedicate your time and energy more to the strategic areas, setting the stage for business growth and innovation.

#5. Your Sales Start to Fluctuate a Lot (Seasonal Sales)

If your business is experiencing rapid growth or navigating a temporary downturn, outsourcing allows you to adjust the size of your sales force according to the evolving needs of your business. This adaptability ensures that you can efficiently respond to market dynamics without being burdened by the challenges of internal restructuring.


If your business experiences any of the 5 signals mentioned above, you may consider starting to build your sales team via outsourcing with a company like Global Hola. Save yourself some time, money, and energy by onboarding external experts on your team.

Outsourcing is a versatile business ally that you can leverage based on your business needs to lead your company to success.