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Choosing between Virtual Assistant Agency and Freelancer VA | Comparing VA agencies and freelancers | virtual assistant agencies vs. freelancers

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Should I Hire a VA Freelancer or a VA Agency?

Virtual assistant agencies vs. freelancers

So… You’re looking to hire a virtual assistant to save your business some time and cost? This is a great move, and you need to determine fast on what is better for your business: virtual assistant agencies vs. freelancers.

Virtual assistants (VAs) have become a cornerstone for businesses looking to boost productivity without the overhead of additional full-time staff. Whether through a company or a freelancer, virtual assistants offer flexible, cost-effective solutions to handle various administrative and specialized tasks. This article explores the differences between hiring a virtual assistant through a company versus an independent freelance virtual assistant, focusing on aspects like reliability, cost, contractual obligations, and scope of services.

What Are Virtual Assistant Freelancers?

Freelance virtual assistants operate independently, offering their services on a per-project or hourly basis. Freelancers often specialize in particular areas, providing personalized and dedicated support directly aligned with their expertise.

What Are Virtual Assistant Agencies/Companies?

Virtual assistant companies provide a structured approach to remote assistance, offering a range of services from administrative support to more specialized tasks depending on business needs. These companies typically employ a team of vetted professionals, ensuring that assistance is always available regardless of individual availability.

How to Compare VA Freelancers vs. VA Agencies?

To help you decide which option might be best for your business needs, we compare the two based on five key aspects:

  • Reliability

  • Cost

  • Flexibility

  • Scope of Services

  • Productivity & Payments

Comparing VA Agencies & Freelancers


Winner: Virtual Assistant Agencies

VA companies/agencies offer a high level of reliability due to their structured nature. With a team of VAs, these companies ensure that someone is always available to handle your tasks, even during holidays or personal leaves of your primary assistant. Freelance virtual assistants offer varying levels of reliability, largely dependent on their personal work ethic and circumstances. While many are highly dedicated, the risk of disruptions due to personal emergencies or overload from multiple clients can affect their service consistency.

AspectVirtual Assistant CompaniesFreelance Virtual Assistants
ConsistencyHigh, as companies often have multiple VAs to ensure service continuity.Varies, depending on individual reliability and circumstances.
AvailabilityGenerally higher, as companies can provide substitutes when your primary VA is unavailable. With Global Hola, our team members are highly reliable. We also provide solutions in case of unplanned absences and sickness.Can be limited, especially if the freelancer balances multiple clients.


Winner: VA Freelancers

VA companies typically charge a monthly fee based on a package of services, which can be more predictable, but it is usually higher than working directly with freelancers. This structure might include setup fees or premiums for accessing specialized skills. Freelance VAs generally offer more flexible pricing options, charging either hourly or per project, which can often result in lower overall costs, especially for businesses with fluctuating demands.

AspectVirtual Assistant CompaniesFreelance Virtual Assistants
Pricing ModelOften uses a flat-rate monthly fee which might include a set number of hours or tasks.Typically charges hourly or by project, which can vary widely based on expertise and market demand.
Additional CostsMay include setup fees or premiums for specialized services. With Global Hola, there are no hidden / setup fees.Generally no additional costs, unless specific tools or subscriptions are needed for tasks.


Winner: VA Freelancers

Contracts with Virtual Assistant Companies are usually less flexible, involving set terms for services and notice periods for termination which could be restrictive depending on your business needs. On the other hand, Freelance Virtual Assistants often work with more adaptable agreements, making it easier to scale services up or down or terminate the arrangement without significant penalties.

AspectVirtual Assistant CompaniesFreelance Virtual Assistants
FlexibilityContracts may be less flexible, with set terms and conditions to start and terminate services.Highly flexible, often with the ability to negotiate terms tailored to specific needs and timelines.
CommitmentMay require a minimum commitment period or notice before termination. With Global Hola, we provide maximum flexibility in contracts and payments for companies.Usually no long-term commitment; services can be terminated as needed with minimal notice.

Scope of Services

Winner: Virtual Assistant Agencies

Virtual assistant agencies provide a wide range of services, from basic administrative tasks to complex project management, making them suitable for businesses that need diverse support. In contrast, freelance VAs often specialize in specific areas, offering highly tailored services that can better address particular needs of businesses, especially those requiring specialized expertise not typically covered by generalist companies.

AspectVirtual Assistant CompaniesFreelance Virtual Assistants
Range of ServicesBroad, often able to cover anything from administrative tasks to specialized projects.Depends on the individual’s skills and areas of expertise, which can be very niche or broadly applicable.
CustomizationServices are typically standardized, though some customization is possible depending on the company. With Global Hola, we provide a wide range of virtual assistants and experts from social media marketing to data analysis.High level of customization possible as services are tailored directly by the assistant to client needs.

Productivity & Payments

Winner: Virtual Assistant Agencies

Virtual assistant agencies will manage all payments and compliance for paying your virtual assistants. This makes it easy and has a less compliance burden than figuring out how to pay overseas staff. Freelance VAs don’t have as much compliance with productivity, and to manage this, many companies working with freelance VAs use productivity tracking tools to keep their talents engaged and paid for the hours rendered.

AspectVirtual Assistant CompaniesFreelance Virtual Assistants
ProductivityMost VA companies keep track of productivity through check-ins and productivity tracking tools. This is managed for clients.Companies engaging freelancers have to manage and track productivity and outputs themselves.
Payments to TalentsPayments to talents are managed 100% by the VA companies. With Global Hola, we make payments easy and send you weekly productivity reports for your team members.Companies engaging freelancers have to manage payments through a payment processor like Wise or PayPal.
ApplicationStrengthsBest ForPricing Highlights
Virtual Assistant Management Software | ApployeComprehensive project & budget management, advanced remote tracking features such as screenshot and activity monitoring.Businesses looking for detailed productivity tracking and project management at a budget-friendly price.$5/user/month for Standard; $7/user/month for Elite with advanced remote tracking.
Time Doctor | Best Virtual Assistant Tracking and Management SoftwareExtensive features including silent tracking, productivity ratings, payroll features, and advanced reporting capabilities like video screen recording.Companies needing robust functionality with detailed analytics, scalability, and integration capabilities.$7 to $20/user/month, offering basic to premium features tailored to enterprise needs.
Virtual Assistant Management Software | TogglUser-friendly interface, unlimited time tracking across devices, and comprehensive reporting capabilities. Great integration options.Freelancers and small to mid-sized businesses who need a flexible and straightforward time tracking solution.Free for up to 5 users; $10/user/month for Starter; $20/user/month for Premium with advanced features.
Virtual Assistant Tracking Software | HubstaffStrong focus on automated payroll, GPS tracking, and advanced project budgeting. Offers high-level security and comprehensive monitoring tools.Businesses that require detailed employee monitoring, GPS tracking, and seamless payroll integration, especially suitable for remote and field teams.$7 to $25 per seat/month, depending on plan complexity and feature set.


Choosing between a virtual assistant company and a freelance virtual assistant depends largely on your business’s specific needs, budget, and preference for flexibility. Companies offer reliability and a wide range of services but at potentially higher costs and with less contractual flexibility. Freelancers offer personalized services at potentially lower costs but may vary in reliability and availability.

Consider your business’s specific needs, budget, and growth plans when deciding which type of virtual assistant will best support your objectives. Share your experiences or questions in the comments below, or reach out for a consultation to explore the best virtual assistance solutions for your business.

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