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Outsourcing ROI Calculator

Outsourcing ROI Calculator | Free Resource

Table of Contents Free Outsourcing ROI Calculator How much can you get in ROI from investing in an outsourced team abroad? So… You’re looking to hire a virtual assistant to save your business some time and cost? This is a great move, and you need to determine what the ROI of hiring an outsourced team […]

Game-Changing Support: Executive Virtual Assistants for Business Consultants

Executive Virtual Assistant | Virtual Executive Assistant | Global Hola

Kickoff Call: What’s an Executive Virtual Assistant? Picture this: a busy business consultant named Alex runs a thriving practice, juggling client meetings, project deadlines, and a never-ending stream of emails. The secret to Alex’s success? A partnership with an Executive Virtual Assistant (EVA) from Global Hola, who brings a blend of education, experience, and efficiency […]

Virtual Assistant vs. Executive Virtual Assistant

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your workload and struggling to manage your time effectively?  You’re facing a moment of truth. Your workload seems to keep growing, even though you’re focused and knocking out regular tasks on a daily basis. So if you’re knocking out tasks but your workload keeps getting bigger, are you spending your […]

Outsourcing for Bloggers and Vloggers

Outsourcing for Bloggers & Vloggers

Kickoff Call: Getting the Outsourcing Party Started So, you’ve got this blog or vlog rolling, and it’s your baby. But man, keeping it all spinning? Tough cookies. Here’s a thought: why not get some help without breaking the bank? First step is figuring out what you can’t stand doing or just can’t find the time […]

Global Hola vs. An Alternative to alternative | competitor | Competitors to

Looking for an alternative to When you’re looking to build your team for your business, finding the right platform to connect with talented professionals is key to scaling your business efficiently. While has long been a go-to resource for finding remote workers in the Philippines, Global Hola is as a compelling alternative, especially […]

Outsourced Bookkeeping for Nonprofits

Outsourced Bookkeeper for Nonprofits

Managing a nonprofit organization comes with unique financial challenges, especially during reporting season. Nonprofits, while focused on their mission, must also ensure meticulous handling of their finances to maintain transparency, donor trust, and compliance with regulations.  Outsourcing bookkeeping for nonprofit organizations can be a strategic solution for nonprofits to stay in the clear on their […]

Get Prepared for Tax Season With an Outsourced Bookkeeper

Outsourced bookkeeper for tax season

Getting ready for tax season can be a daunting time for any small business owner. It’s a period filled with complexities and a need for meticulous accuracy. This is where an outsourced bookkeeper can become an invaluable asset. In this blog post, we’ll explore how an outsourced bookkeeper can help you navigate tax season with […]

The Advantages of Outsourcing Accounting to the Philippines

Outsourcing Accounting to the Philippines

Feeling overwhelmed by the complexity and time demands of managing your small business’s accounting needs? What if there was a way to handle your accounting more efficiently and cost-effectively? Outsourcing accounting to the Philippines offers a strategic way for businesses looking to optimize their financial operations while keeping their costs down. The Growing Trend of […]

Maximizing the Cost Benefits of Outsourcing

Maximizing the Cost Benefits of Outsourcing

Leadership is like a puzzle with different pieces—each piece representing a unique style. Your leadership style can be inspired by your favorite leaders growing up,  personality, strengths, and experiences. All of these elements determine how you plan and put strategies into action while considering the expectations of your company and outsourced team from different backgrounds. […]

When’s the Right Time to Outsource Your Sales Team?

When's the right time to outsource your sales team?

Learning when to outsource talents for your business can be crucial in reaching your business goals, achieving work-life balance, and managing your core tasks well. The general signs you can look to know when it’s time for you and your business to get some help by outsourcing your sales team are the following: Your business […]