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You’ve heard about outsourcing, but you don’t know if it’s right for your business.

  • Isn’t outsourcing only for call centers?
  • Don’t I need to be a big business to do outsourcing?
  • I only have a small staff; how will they be impacted by outsourcing?

Answers: no, no, and they’ll thank you (see how below).

You as a small business might be in the right position to greatly benefit from outsourcing, but you also might not be ready. Not all businesses should and can support their teams with outsourcing, so even if you think outsourcing might help your business, how would you know?

In the video above, I go over the main indicators of if your small business is at the right time for considering outsourcing. However, if you’re more of a reader, I’ll also go over the main points here in this article below.

Signs That Your Small Business Should Consider Outsourcing?

Sign #1: You Keep Missing Social Events Outside of Work

Right Time for Small Business to Consider Outsourcing | Missing Social Events

Whoops. Missed that anniversary dinner, again? Having someone videotape your kid’s soccer game so you can watch it? For all your entrepreneurs out there in the world, you need a social life outside of work! If your work is keeping you past the normal working hours for too many days, it might be the right time for you to consider outsourcing.

If you’re staying late after work to catch up on admin work like bookkeeping or email follow-ups, hiring a virtual assistant might be an excellent way to help you regain your social life outside of work. Trying to enter all of that business card info into your CRM? Hiring a data entry professional can help you regain those post-work hours!

Sign #2: Your Team Lacks a Skill Set

Right Time for Small Business to Consider Outsourcing | Teams Lacks a Skill Set

Your team doesn’t have to know everything, but you still need to get things done. If your team is really great at marketing and customer service but not so good at keeping the database tidy, your business might greatly benefit from some extra outsourced help to maintain your CRM and data.

If you’re looking to ramp up your marketing but don’t have someone who can design great content for your social media channels, outsourcing your digital marketing team might be a great strategy for your business.

Sign #3: Your Team is Constantly Bogged Down by Non-Core Tasks

Right Time for Small Business to Consider Outsourcing | Team Bogged Down with Non-core Tasks

Keeping your team happy and engaged should be the #1 priority for your business, but when they have too many additional tasks thrown on their plate, it makes them disengaged, burnout, unvalued, and frustrated.

Bringing in an outsourced professional to help your team take those additional non-core functions off their plates so that they can focus on their core tasks will…

  • Help your team remain engaged
  • Reduce turnover/burnout
  • Allow your team to focus on big-picture projects to drive growth

When Should I Consider Outsourcing?

If any of the points above sound like your business, it might be the right time to consider outsourcing. Bringing in some additional help to enhance your team will allow your business to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Maintain a healthy work-life balance
  • Drive business growth with increased ability