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Remote Worker Hiring Test and Evaluation Tools

Hiring is risky, especially when hiring remotely. You want to make the right decision based on:

  • Technical Skills

  • Soft Skills

  • Culture Fit

  • Personality

But how can you know someone is good at what they say they’re good at? Can we really trust interviewees by their word? At Global Hola, we love to vet technical people first by asking their Excel skills, and then we provide them

There are many ways to go about this including doing technical interview questions and work samples, but what are the right tools for specific types of work? How can you find the right tool to evaluate a remote worker before you hire them?

Remote Worker Hiring Tests and Evaluation Tools

To help point you in the right direction of how to evaluate remote workers, we provide a list of evaluation options:

  • Work Samples

  • Hiring Tests

  • Detailed Interview Questions

As not all job types require the same skills, we’ve broken down the top remote hiring working tests that you can use now to start evaluating your remote hires.


Administrative Assistants & Virtual Assistants Evaluation Tools

Virtual Assistant Working for Small Business | Global Hola

We’ve already provided a good list of how to evaluate hires for these types of roles in another blog post on “virtual assistant hiring tests“. But to recap, here are the top ways to vet the capability of virtual assistants and admin assistants:

  1. Test Gorilla’s Virtual Assistant TestsThis company allows you to test skills for a variety of positions, including virtual assistants. They have aggregated a variety of tests to assess a virtual assistant including culture fit with your organization, verbal reasoning, Microsoft Outlook/PowerPoint, Communication, and Personality.
  2. Testlify Virtual Assistant Test: This test measures organizational, time management, problem-solving, and customer service skills. Testlify has received a lot of 5-star positive reviews from its users on G2 because of its flexibility and functionality.
  3. Expert Rating Virtual Assistant Skills Test: This $9.99 test assesses various hard and soft skills of a virtual assistant including communication, computer, marketing, business awareness, and social media skills.


Software Developer Evaluation Tests

Outsourced Full Stack Developer | Outsourced Development team | Global Hola
  • Coding Challenges: Platforms such as HackerRank and LeetCode offer coding challenges that can help assess a developer’s coding skills and problem-solving abilities.

  • Project-based Assessments: Review candidates’ contributions to projects on GitHub and Stack Overflow to gauge their real-world coding skills and collaboration capabilities.

Sample Software Developer Technical Interview Questions

The main difference is that lists are mutable, meaning they can be modified after creation, while tuples are immutable. Lists are defined using square brackets [], whereas tuples are defined using parentheses ().

Sample Answer: var is function-scoped, and variables declared with var can be redeclared and updated. let and const are block-scoped, which means they are confined within the braces they are defined in. let allows updating but not redeclaration, while const doesn’t allow updating or redeclaration.

Sample Answer: Asynchronous operations can be handled using callbacks, promises, or async/await. For example, using async/await, an asynchronous API call can be made like this:

async function fetchData() {
  try {
    let response = await fetch('api/data');
    let data = await response.json();
  } catch (error) {
    console.error('Error:', error);

IT Support Evaluation Tests

Business Intelligence Outsourced Professionals
  1. Technical Skill Tests: Use TestDome or Criteria Corp tests to evaluate the technical knowledge and problem-solving skills of IT support candidates.

  2. Troubleshooting Scenarios: During your interview with the candidate, give practical problem-solving exercises to see how candidates handle common IT issues.

Sample IT Support Technical Interview Questions

Sample Answer: First, I would check if the issue is isolated to one workstation or affecting multiple users. If it’s isolated, I would check the physical network connections, like the Ethernet cable and the network adapter settings. I would also verify the IP configuration and ensure the workstation is correctly configured to access the network. If necessary, I would troubleshoot the DNS settings or reset the network settings to default.

Sample Answer: To remove a virus, I would first isolate the infected computer from the network to prevent the spread of the virus. Next, I would boot the computer in Safe Mode to prevent the virus from causing further harm. I would then run a full system scan using updated antivirus software to detect and remove the virus. After removing the virus, I would check for any system or data corruption and restore any affected files from backups. Finally, I would update the operating system and all software to the latest versions to patch any vulnerabilities.

Sample Answer: First, I would check the computer’s hardware specifications to ensure they meet the requirements for the employee’s workload. I would then look at the Task Manager to see if any processes are using excessive resources. If a particular application is causing the slowdown, I would update or reinstall it. I would also check for any malware or viruses that might be affecting the computer’s performance. If the issue is not software-related, I would consider hardware upgrades, such as increasing RAM or switching to an SSD.

Sample Answer: For intermittent internet disconnections, I would start by checking if the issue is isolated to one device or affecting multiple devices. If it’s one device, I would update the network drivers, check the Wi-Fi signal strength, and possibly reset the network settings on the device. If multiple devices are affected, I would troubleshoot the router or modem, including checking for firmware updates, restarting the device, and checking for any physical connection issues. I would also consider the possibility of network congestion and recommend network upgrades or additional access points if necessary.

Bookkeepers & Accountants Evaluation Tests

Outsourced bookkeeper for tax season
  1. Practical Accounting Test: Utilize tests like AccountingCoachTestGorilla’s Bookkeeper Test, iMocha’s Financial Reporting test, or ExpertRating’s Financial Reporting test which offer tests to assess knowledge in basic and advanced accounting principles.

  2. Software Proficiency Test: Evaluate candidates’ proficiency in popular accounting software like QuickBooks or Xero through specific skill tests or practical exercises. You can you Testlify’s Quickbooks Hiring Test or ask them to provide their certification in the software like the Xero Certification.

  3. Sample Financial Analysis: Ask candidates to analyze a sample financial statement to assess their analytical skills and attention to detail.

  4. Ask Tricky Accounting Questions: Set up scenarios during the interview where the candidate takes on the role of a CFO and tries to create an outcome you’ve done. One question we like to use at Global Hola is how would a rising inventory cost affect the balance sheet and income statement, and could one keep their net income high by switching to a different cost accounting method (LIFO/FIFO/Average Cost).

Bookkeeping & Accounting Technical Interview Questions

Sample Answer:
To handle corrections in accounting records, first, I identify the type of error, whether it’s a clerical error, an error of omission, or a misposting. Then, I rectify the error using the appropriate method:

For simple clerical errors, I make adjusting journal entries.
In case of errors from previous periods, I adjust the retained earnings account if the error significantly affects the financial statements.
I always ensure proper documentation of the correction process for audit trails and internal records.

Sample Answer: Accounts payable represents the amount a company owes to its suppliers or vendors for goods or services received on credit. It’s a liability on the balance sheet. In contrast, accounts receivable represents the amount owed to the company by its customers for goods or services sold on credit. It’s an asset on the balance sheet.

Sample Answer: For this equipment, I would use the straight-line method of depreciation. The cost of the equipment is $10,000, and the residual value is $1,000, leaving a depreciable amount of $9,000 over its useful life of 10 years. Therefore, the annual depreciation expense would be $900 ($9,000 / 10 years). Each year, this amount would be recorded as depreciation expense in the income statement, reducing net income, and accumulated depreciation on the balance sheet would increase by the same amount, reducing the book value of the asset.

Sample Answer: A decrease in accounts receivable typically indicates that the company is collecting cash from its customers. On the cash flow statement, this collection would be reflected as an increase in cash flows from operating activities. It means the company is successfully converting its receivables into cash, which positively impacts the cash flow.

Sample Answer: An expense that has been incurred but not yet paid is recorded as an accrued expense. For example, if the company received utility services for the last month of the year but hasn’t received the bill by year-end, I would record it as an accrued expense. I would debit the utility expense account and credit the accrued liabilities account on the balance sheet. This ensures that expenses are recorded in the period they are incurred, adhering to the matching principle of accounting.

Sample Answer: Capitalizing an expense involves adding it to the balance sheet as part of an asset’s cost and then depreciating it over the asset’s useful life. For example, the cost of a building includes not just its purchase price but also any legal fees, closing costs, and renovation expenses that are necessary to make it usable.

On the other hand, expensing an expense immediately means recognizing it in the income statement in the period it’s incurred. For example, office supplies are typically expensed in the period they are purchased as they are used up quickly and don’t provide long-term benefits.

Graphic Designer Evaluation Tests

Outsourced Web Developer | Global Hola
  • Portfolio Review: Examine candidates’ portfolios to assess their artistic style, diversity of skills, and experience with different design tools.

  • Design Challenge: Assign a small project or mock-up design task relevant to your business needs, like designing a logo or a webpage layout.

  • Technical Skills Test: Use platforms like TestGorilla or the Adobe Certified Photoshop Professional Test, which offer assessments in Adobe Creative Suite and other design tools.

Social Media Marketing Evaluation Tests

Marketing Specialists
  • Social Media Strategy Proposal: Ask candidates to prepare a brief social media strategy for your business, showcasing their understanding of different platforms and audience engagement.

  • Content Creation Test: Evaluate their ability to create compelling content by asking for samples of posts, campaigns, or content calendars they have created.

  • Analytics and Reporting Tests: Test their knowledge in social media analytics by discussing how they measure success and adapt strategies based on data. Ask them to take the Google Analytics Advanced test or the Social Media Marketing test by iMocha.

Should I Hire an Outsourcing Agency to Find & Evaluate My Remote Hires?

In short, yes, unless you have significant experience navigating foreign talent markets outside the US. Maximizing your benefits with outsourcing requires a strategic and proactive approach and a deep knowledge of how to find talent from around the globe. By picking an outsourcing agency, you can reduce your hiring risk and find great talent quickly to start realizing the cost benefits of outsourcing your staffing needs.

Embrace a mindset of outsourcing as more than a cost-cutting tactic, and recognize its potential to enhance the overall performance of your business. With thoughtful planning, collaboration, and the right outsourcing partner, businesses can harness the full cost savings of outsourcing.

Let's find your expert team member.

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