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Free Outsourcing ROI Calculator

How much can you get in ROI from investing in an outsourced team abroad?

So… You’re looking to hire a virtual assistant to save your business some time and cost? This is a great move, and you need to determine what the ROI of hiring an outsourced team maybe in the Philippines. How can you calculate the cost savings of building your outsourced team? That’s why we created the outsourcing ROI calculator below!

Whether through a company or a freelancer, virtual assistants and other outsourced talents offer flexible, cost-effective solutions to handle various administrative and specialized tasks. Let’s review the ROI of hiring an outsourced team in the Philippines.

What's the ROI of Outsourcing to The Philippines?

Many companies say that you can save up to 70% on staffing costs while also building great teams via outsourcing. Although this can sometimes be true for very specific roles, typical savings can be between 30 – 50% for roles such as:

For others like more technical roles like data scientists, BI Developers, and full-stack developers, the ROI can be sometimes up to 70%. To see a real example of how the return on investment can look for your business, use the calculator below.

What are some typical rates of hiring in the Philippines?

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Use The Free Outsourcing ROI Calculator

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Determining your ROI from outsourcing first depends on the outlook of your current team and future staffing needs. You’ll first need to determine how much you are going to be spending on a local team with various team members, and then you’ll need to know the price of hiring outsourced talents from the Philippines.

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