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Outsourcing for Bloggers & Vloggers

Kickoff Call: Getting the Outsourcing Party Started

So, you’ve got this blog or vlog rolling, and it’s your baby. But man, keeping it all spinning? Tough cookies. Here’s a thought: why not get some help without breaking the bank? First step is figuring out what you can’t stand doing or just can’t find the time for. Then, sniff around for some cool folks who can take those tasks off your plate.

Roles to Outsource for Bloggers & Vloggers

Word Wizards & Edit Ninjas

These folks can jazz up your posts or scripts, making everything sound like music. Their real life job titles would be “copy editor” and “content marketing specialist”, but we prefer word wizards.

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Picasso & Banksy Renditionists

Got graphics that need some zing, or need some fresh ideas on how to redesign your online presence? A graphic designer can make your stuff pop and lock.

Google Whisperers

SEO gurus can get Google, Bing, and other search engines to notice you organically, bringing more eyes to your blog or vlog.

Business Intelligence Outsourced Professionals

Social Media Butterflies

Too many platforms, too little time? Social media managers can come to the rescue by making daily and weekly post creations to boost up your presence and manage your various social media accounts for your blog.

Ready to find your team for your blog?

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Show Me the Money: What’s This Gonna Cost?

Not gonna lie, prices are all over the place in the world of blogger outsourcing and support. Writers might charge by the word, while designers and SEO folks could have hourly rates. The trick is to find clear prices up front—no surprises, please!

Typically our rates for supporting bloggers and bloggers on a part-time to full-time basis are between $11 – $15 USD/hour.

Is This Worth It to Outsource my Blogging Business? Totally.

Think about it: every hour you’re not stuck doing the grunt work is an hour you can spend dreaming up big ideas or just chilling. And if these outsourcing magicians help bring in more followers or make your site sparkle, that’s money well spent, right?

Cool Bonus: Making Friends and Influencing People

Why stop at outsourcing these roles for your blog? Hook up with other creators for guest posts or collabs to take your blog to the next level, and if you need help reaching out to them, we can help with that! It’s like expanding your squad and your reach at the same time. Plus, it’s a blast.

The Over/Under: Go for it!

Figuring out how to outsource your travel blog, finance blog, or Youtube channel can be a lifeline. Whether it’s writing, designing, SEO-ing (is that a word?), or social media managing, getting help doesn’t mean you’re not doing it right. It means you’re playing it smart. So, let’s get your passion project booming without you having to clone yourself.

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