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Outsourced Does Pricing & Review | Are they good for talents and business?

Outsourced Doers: How much do they cost?

Outsourced Doers is a virtual assistant staffing company that trains and hires virtual assistants for companies in the United States, Canada, Australia (their home country), and European Union. Their pricing is actually very opaque and not presented straightforward in their website, so you might be wondering how much they cost and for what service level.

At Global Hola we frequently do competitor research to make sure we’re providing quality service to our clients and talents. That’s why we did a secret research sales call with Outsourced Doers recently to get the real info on their pricing and value given they don’t publish it openly on their main website.

Do they provide part-time virtual assistants, and for how much?

No. Outsourced Doers only allows for full-time virtual assistant hiring. Bummer.

With Global Hola and other virtual assistant companies, however, this is possible.

Full-time Virtual Assistants Pricing with Outsourced Doers

Outsourced Doers charges clients a hefty $1,499 per month for their virtual assistant services. On the surface, this might seem like a fair price for a dedicated assistant. However, the reality for the virtual assistants (VAs) working behind the scenes is quite different. 

These VAs reportedly earn around 20,000 PHP (approximately $350 USD) per month. This significant disparity raises questions about where the rest of the money goes and whether clients are truly getting value for their investment.

In short, you’re paying a lot of money for limited flexibility and a HUGE cut going to Outsourced Doers instead of the talent.

However, many clients of Outsourced Doers do give high praise for their experience, so I guess on the frontend for companies the benefits are okay. Also, their sales pitch is quite strong during calls.

Poor Pay & Questionable Ethics: What are you paying for?

The low pay for VAs at Outsourced Doers is not just a matter of ethics; it directly affects the quality of service. When VAs are underpaid and overworked, their motivation and job satisfaction plummet. This can result in lower productivity, higher turnover rates, and ultimately, a decline in the quality of work delivered to clients.

Clients should also be aware of the rigorous and often invasive monitoring practices employed by Outsourced Doers. VAs are required to log their hours and tasks across multiple platforms such as Basecamp, Google Calendar, and Google Sheets. Additionally, they must install activity tracking software, which can monitor their screen activities. This level of surveillance can create a stressful work environment, further impacting the performance and well-being of the VAs.

Additional Hidden Costs of Outsourced Doers

Beyond the initial fee and the poor pay for VAs, there are other hidden costs that clients should consider. For example, VAs are sometimes required to use free trial accounts for various tools, which can expire before their activities are reviewed. When this happens, the responsibility falls on the VAs, adding to their workload and stress levels. Such practices not only undermine the VAs but can also lead to inconsistent service for clients.

More Ethical Options Than Outsourced Doers

While Outsourced Doers might seem like an attractive option due to their pricing structure, the underlying issues with pay, working conditions, and lack of part-time options make it a less appealing choice. For businesses looking for reliable, motivated, and well-supported virtual assistants, it might be worth considering alternatives that offer fair compensation, flexibility, and robust training and support.

At Global Hola, we pride ourselves on treating our virtual assistants as valued professionals with better than average pay, flexibility, and solid support. This incentivizes our virtual assistants to work with you for the long-term, not just until they find a better paying job.

We offer competitive pay, flexible working arrangements, and comprehensive training to ensure that our VAs are not only skilled but also motivated to provide the best possible service to our clients. If you’re looking for a virtual assistant service that truly understands the value of its workers and the importance of quality service, contact Global Hola today. Let’s build a partnership that works for everyone involved.