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How Medium-Sized Companies Can Add a Part-Time Data Analyst to Their Team

Why do you need a part-time data analyst?

Navigating today’s data-driven landscape demands more than intuition; it requires precise, data-backed decision-making. For growing companies, it’s hard to know when it’s the right time to start operationalizing your data. How to know if you’re being operationally efficient? Are you hitting your KPIs? Is your data becoming a data monster?

That’s where data analysts (and data scientists) come in. For growing businesses, they wrangle and transform complex data into actionable insights, allowing any business to make data-based decisions for growth. However because you’re growing and don’t have the full need yet for a full-time data analyst, you can hire on a part-time data analyst to do things such as:

  • Dashboarding

  • Data Analysis

  • Monthly Reporting

  • Data Cleaning

  • Data Investigations (finding out what went right or wrong for certain cases)

Identifying the Need for a Data Analyst

A data analyst does more than just crunch numbers in Excel. They are storytellers, turning rows of data into narratives that drive business decisions. If your company’s data feels like a maze or if business decisions often seem like guesses, it’s time for a data analyst to illuminate the path.

Signs That Your Business Needs a Data Analyst

  1. Data Overload: You’re collecting vast amounts of data (from sales, customer interactions, website traffic, etc.) but lack the capability to organize, analyze, and interpret this data effectively.

  2. You’re Guessing on Important Decisions Without Data: Your leadership is making decisions based on intuition or incomplete information, leading to missed opportunities or flawed strategies.

  3. Your Processes & Data Flows Are Inefficient: Your company experiences inefficiencies or bottlenecks in operations, but it’s unclear where the issues lie or how to resolve them.

  4. Growth Plateaus: Your business growth has plateaued, and there’s a need to identify new growth opportunities or markets through data-driven insights.

How to Find The Right Data Analyst (Part-time)

The quest for the ideal data analyst doesn’t have to be daunting. Platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed are rich with potential candidates. For a more personalized approach, tap into your network or partner with specialized recruitment agencies. Remember, the perfect match should align with your company’s culture and mission, not just possess technical prowess.

Places to Find Data Analysts on Part-time Basis

  1. Global Hola: We find and hire expert data analysts from around the globe to be a part of your team.

  2. Upwork: If you’re willing to scroll through hundreds of good (and bad) candidates with varied reviews, Upwork has a wealth of candidates for data analysts, especially in Excel.

  3. LinkedIn: The good ol-fashioned way to find and hire talent.

  4. Post a Job on Indeed: If you don’t have anyone in your network and you’re willing to take someone on, posting a remote data analyst job on Indeed can be a good way to find hundreds of candidates.

Let's find your expert data analyst.

Contact us at Global Hola to see how we can find and evaluate a great remote data analyst for your growing business.

How Much Does a Data Analyst Cost?

Discussing the financial aspect is crucial as we’re looking at part-time. Salaries for part-time data analysts vary, mostly influenced by experience, geography, and specific skills. But there’s more to it than salaries.

USA: $40/hour

Philippines (with Global Hola): $18/hour (see pricing calculator)

When hiring a data analyst, you might need to budget for the tools they’ll need (Tableau, a SQL-hosted database, etc…). Plan ahead and ask around about what tools data analysts will need before posting a job anywhere.

The Case for Finding a Data Analyst with an Outsourcing Agency

Outsourcing your data analyst needs can be can increase your cost efficiency and hiring speed, all while tapping into a diverse talent pool. Partners like Global Hola can do the heavy lifting for you of finding an expert data analyst. They connect you with data analysts who don’t just fit the role but elevate your entire operation. Success stories abound, showcasing decisions powered by insights, not just hunches.

Bringing a part-time data analyst on board or outsourcing tasks like Excel-based analysis is not just an operational decision; it’s a strategic pivot. Let’s equip your business with the right data talent, and you’ll soon see how your data will transform into decisions that resonate, impact, and drive growth. 

Ready for a clearer vision? The path starts here with Global Hola.