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When you’re looking to build your team for your business, finding the right platform to connect with talented professionals is key to scaling your business efficiently. While has long been a go-to resource for finding remote workers in the Philippines, Global Hola is as a compelling alternative, especially for businesses who don’t have time to analyze thousands of applicants for their roles. Here’s how Global Hola shines by providing an enhanced outsourcing experience compared to

Job Posting

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Global Hola takes job posting to the next level by posting your job listings across multiple platforms and actively promoting them to attract the best talent. Our approach is proactive, ensuring your postings get the visibility they deserve among the most qualified candidates. Better yet, it’s free to do so after we create your perfect job description for you. alternative allows employers to post job listings and wait for candidates to apply. This self-service model requires employers to navigate through applications and reach out to candidates independently.

Candidate Screening

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Global Hola screens and selects top candidates for your job position, reducing the time-consuming process of finding the right fit. We perform initial interviews, skill assessments, and background checks to ensure only the most suitable candidates make it to your shortlist. This saves you a significant amount of time and ensures a higher-quality of candidate selection. alternative

On employers have to screen candidates by themselves based on their profiles and the information provided in their applications. The screening process, however, is entirely in the hands of the employer and might take a long time to sort through hundreds of unqualified candidates and scam profiles.

Payments & Billing

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Global Hola simplifies payments by acting as an intermediary, handling all payment transactions on your behalf. Our secure payment system ensures timely and accurate payments to your remote team, mitigating the risk of payment disputes and simplifying the financial management of your outsourced workforce.

With Global Hola, we ensure that you’re only paying for the hours rendered by your virtual team members. alternative operates on a platform model where payments are managed directly between the employer and the hired remote worker. While this offers flexibility, it also requires employers to set up and manage payment processes independently. It does have a place to pay freelancers via their platform, but most employers like to pay directly via PayPal or other platforms.

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Time Tracking

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Global Hola integrates advanced time tracking solutions that offers great visibility into your team’s work hours. We provide detailed reports on hours worked, project progress, and productivity levels, enabling you to manage your remote team more effectively. This integrated approach ensures transparency and accountability, enhancing project management and team collaboration. alternative offers tools for time tracking, allowing remote workers to log hours worked. Employers must monitor these logs and manage time-tracking compliance independently. However, knowing what is expected and right about of productivity is something hard to know if you’re not experienced with working with Filipino talents.

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Entrepreneurs and businesses navigating the remote hiring landscape often encounter several common challenges when working with platforms like One of the primary issues is the time-consuming nature of the hiring process, which involves sifting through a vast pool of candidates, many of whom may not meet the specific requirements of the job. This can lead to extended hiring timelines and potential delays in project execution. Additionally, the absence of a comprehensive screening process means that businesses must undertake the due diligence of verifying candidates’ skills, experience, and reliability on their own, increasing the risk of hiring mismatches. 

Payment processing is another area of concern, as businesses are tasked with managing transactions directly, which can complicate financial workflows and create potential security risks. Furthermore, while time tracking tools are available, employers often find themselves needing to closely monitor these systems to ensure accuracy and prevent discrepancies, adding another layer of management complexity. Lastly, the lack of dedicated support can leave businesses navigating the challenges of remote collaboration without the necessary guidance, potentially impacting project outcomes and team dynamics.

At Global Hola, we understand these challenges intimately and have designed our services to address them directly. We streamline your online hiring process, ensuring businesses can connect with qualified, vetted professionals quickly and confidently. By managing candidate screening, facilitating secure payments, offering advanced time-tracking solutions, and providing ongoing support, we aim to solve the common problems businesses face with, making remote hiring seamless, efficient, and effective.

We see it all the time where entrepreneurs and businesses reach a point where they’re tired of getting the short end of the stick with The quest for a reliable outsourcing partner, one that simplifies the hiring process and ensures a match in skills and cultural fit, provides a secure framework for hiring your remote employee team from the Philippines. By offering a comprehensive candidate screening process, we alleviate the burden of vetting potential hires, ensuring only the most qualified professionals join your team. Book your free consultation to say goodbye to bad hires on

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