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Find Your Next Solopreneur Hire

Hi. It’s Nick Canfield here, and in addition to being Global Hola COO, I’m also a solopreneur and tech contractor for companies. I’m always looking for ways to get more clients and improve my services, but sometimes I need to build my team fast to take on more work. I also find myself getting behind on some of my business upkeep including bookkeeping and CRM management. Why? Well, it’s the boring stuff of running your own business, and it’s hard to keep yourself on task with things you don’t like.

Sound familiar? For many of you dedicated solo contractors/consultants reading this, you might also be looking to expand on your services or catch up on past work. Even more so, you might be thinking of how/where to hire people to do so.

Can you as a solopreneur benefit from outsourcing? How can we at Global Hola help find your next hire for your needs? Can outsourced talents do the work you’re looking for help on? Where can you find them? How can you manage them? There’s a ton of questions, but you’re in luck.

We at Global Hola are experts in helping solopreneurs quickly find team members for their many needs. We match you with talented professionals who have the right hard and soft skills for any role that can be done virtually.

So what roles can you as a solopreneur use outsourced talents for? Let’s go over some of the most common roles that we at Global Hola help solopreneurs find great team members.

1. Back Office Support

Administrative tasks can be a huge timesuck for solopreneurs. Invoicing. Scheduling meetings. Data entry. It’s a pretty messy business, and it takes you away from getting your main work done. It’s also one of the key task areas that we help entrepreneurs take care of.

Although something like back office support is pretty broad (intentionally so), there’s a lot that solopreneurs can benefit from hiring your first outsourced talent via Global Hola.

Back Office Support Tasks Your Team Member Can Do

  • Data Entry:
    • Inputting data into databases or spreadsheets.
    • Updating records and ensuring data accuracy.
  • Invoice Processing:
    • Creating and sending invoices to clients.
    • Tracking payments and sending reminders for overdue invoices.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Updates:
    • Keeping customer records updated.
    • Tracking and managing customer interactions and histories.
  • Email Management:
    • Sorting and organizing emails.
    • Responding to general inquiries and forwarding specific queries to relevant departments.
  • Calendar Management:
    • Scheduling appointments and meetings.
    • Sending reminders for upcoming events or deadlines.

How Global Hola Can Assist:

  • We first learn all the back office processes you need to manage.
  • We match you with a driven and efficient back-office support team member to keep your solopreneur business on track.
  • We ensure that your team member is focused on your key business outcomes and KPIs to keep your business running smoothly, even if you take a vacation!

2. Social Media Marketers

Having a strong social media presence is invaluable, especially if you’re looking to grow your current clients list. However, curating content, scheduling posts, and engaging with followers can be time-consuming. For my own tech consulting business, I find it hard to come up with fresh and engaging content to attract more clients.

How Global Hola Matches You With Social Media Marketers:

  • We identify what are your key social media channels and your style of communication.
  • We find your next team member who is an expert social media marketing professional. They’ll take over all the important aspects of social media marketing for your business by crafting and executing campaigns tailored to your target audience.
  • We maintain performance management to keep your talents focused on your key performance indicators (leads per month, website visits, etc…).

As of October 2023, we’ve helped 3 companies find great matches for social media marketing professionals. If you would like to learn more about finding a professional to help you in social media marketing, contact us!

3. Lead Generation

Along with creating a big funnel via social media marketing and other channels, lead generation is the next step to driving sales. But as a solopreneur, you might not have the time to chase potential leads and follow up on their needs. That’s where having a great team member can take this time-consuming task off your plate.

How Global Hola Finds Your Next Lead Generation Professional

  • We first get to know your sales process and the key tools/channels you use to currently do lead generation.
  • We connect you with sales and marketing professionals who have a lot of experience in lead generation techniques including LinkedIn Sales Navigator, cold emailing, cold outreach, and warm lead follow-up.
  • We maintain your new team member focused on your key performance metrics including sales, leads, and total outreach.

4. Website Maintenance & SEO

Your website is probably the main way potential clients can learn about your business. Keeping your website optimized, up-to-date, and SEO-fantastic is a challenging list for a solopreneur. Website maintenance is one of the key tasks that many of our current clients need help with, and we love finding team members for businesses to make their online presence amazing!

How Global Hola Can Assist:

  • We first learn what website system you use (WordPress, Wix, ShopifyLinking you with content creators experienced in your industry.
  • Implementing SEO strategies to ensure your content ranks well on search engines.
  • Regular content audits to keep your online presence fresh and relevant.

5. Customer Support

As your client list grows, keeping on top of emails, inquiries, and concerns becomes a laundry list of tasks that can outgrow your reach as a solopreneur. That’s why hiring a customer support specialist, another key role we help many current clients with, can be a game-changer for your operations.

How Global Hola Can Assist:

  • We first learn about your customer support channels and find out what skills your next team member needs.
  • We find your perfect talent match and help train them on your brand and services.
  • We manage your team member’s performance to continuously improve client relations.

6. Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

There are thousands of jokes about accountants, but it’s no joke when you have no idea what you’re doing. As a solopreneur doing tech consulting, I dread the time before taxes are due because many times I don’t maintain my records cleanly enough for easy tracking. This is why outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounting services can help keep you ready for tax time in addition to providing you with up-to-date financial performance for your small business.

How Global Hola Can Assist:

  • We first learn your accounting tools (Quickbooks, Xero, etc…) to learn what skills and background your next hire will need.
  • We match you with accounting professionals to handle everything including budgeting, invoicing, and filing your tax returns.
  • We keep your team members on task and engaged to make sure you have business continuity even if you go on vacation!

Grow Your Solopreneur Business with Global Hola

You don’t have to go this alone. Growing your solopreneur business with Global Hola is easy and takes the stress off of finding the right talent at a good rate. By partnering with Global Hola, you can find your next team member to take care of business you either need for expansion or don’t have time for.

Take the stress off of finding the right talent, and find your next hire with Global Hola.