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Kickoff Call: What's an Executive Virtual Assistant?

Picture this: a busy business consultant named Alex runs a thriving practice, juggling client meetings, project deadlines, and a never-ending stream of emails. The secret to Alex’s success? A partnership with an Executive Virtual Assistant (EVA) from Global Hola, who brings a blend of education, experience, and efficiency to the table.

How Qualified are Executive Virtual Assistants?

Executive Virtual Assistants are not your everyday assistants. Picture someone who’s been through the rigorous academic grind, holding a college degree, and boasting years of hands-on experience working with business owners from across the globe. That’s what Global Hola brings into your corner. Our EVAs are the backbone that supports consultants like Alex, making sure that every aspect of their business is running smoothly.

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What Can EVAs Do?

Navigate the Day-to-Day Tasks of a Business Consultant

No two days are the same for a business consultant. Trust me. Working as one of Upwork’s top consultants has allowed me to have a high variability in my work, but it also causes a lot of stress by increasing my workload. To keep my business functioning well, I’ve hired an executive virtual assistant to manage many common tasks that occur every week for my business consultancy.

  • Email and Calendar Wizardry: Alex wakes up to a neatly organized inbox every morning, thanks to the EVA who filters through the clutter, prioritizes responses, and manages the calendar to ensure not a single meeting is missed. Imagine never having to decline an unexpected opportunity just because you missed an email.

  • The Art of Document Crafting: From pitch proposals that captivate potential clients to reports that distill complex data into clear insights, Alex’s EVA handles them all. It’s like having a wordsmith at your fingertips, ready to turn your thoughts into well-crafted documents.

  • Research That Unlocks Opportunities: Before Alex steps into a strategy session, the EVA compiles all the necessary market research, offering a panoramic view of the competitive landscape. It’s like having a detective on your team, uncovering clues that lead to informed decisions.

Build and Nurture Client Relationships

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Keeping your current clients engaged and informed of your current projects is essential as a business consultant. Your executive virtual assistant can help keep your clients informed of what you’re doing and what they (the client) need to get done.

  • Communication That Connects: Alex’s EVA ensures that every client feels heard and valued, managing follow-ups and updates with a personal touch that fosters strong relationships.

  • Organized Client Information: With the EVA’s meticulous management of client databases, every piece of information is right where it needs to be, making personalization in communication effortless and effective.

Amplify Your Online Presence

In the case of Alex’s business consultancy, his executive virtual assistant can really engage with and create new potential customers via social media.

  • Social Media Management: Alex’s online presence is vibrant and engaging, thanks to the EVA who curates content, interacts with the audience, and builds community, turning followers into fans.

  • Content Creation That Captivates: From blog posts that resonate with Alex’s audience to newsletters that keep everyone in the loop, the EVA crafts content that not only informs but also inspires.

Seamlessly Manage Projects

As a business consultant, you probably have 3 – 10 projects going on at once. Keeping everything on task can be hard sometimes, and you need someone to remind you to get things done.

  • Keeping Projects on Track: EVA can be your business concerto’s maestro, orchestrating project timelines, coordinating with team members, and ensuring that every deliverable is polished and punctual. It’s one of the main task areas that executive virtual assistants can do your business consultants with a lot of ongoing projects.

The Final Note

Executive Virtual Assistants from Global Hola are more than just helpers; they are strategic partners who transform the way business consultants like Alex operate. With college-educated professionals and a wealth of experience in supporting foreign business owners, Global Hola’s EVAs are here to propel your consulting business to new heights of efficiency and growth.

By taking on a variety of tasks, from the foundational to the complex, EVAs allow consultants to focus on what they do best—advising clients and growing their business. So, if you’re looking to elevate your consulting practice, consider the unmatched support of an Executive Virtual Assistant. It’s time to step into a world where productivity and success go hand in hand, and let Global Hola show you the way.

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