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Custom Google Sheets CRM Template [FREE]

Having a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is pivotal to your business’s success. However, implementing a CRM system doesn’t necessarily require a hefty investment in specialized software. With Google Sheets, you can create a flexible and powerful CRM solution that’s both affordable and highly customizable.

This article will guide you through building your Google Sheets CRM using a provided template by Global Hola, an outsourcing company. Although it might need a bit of customization depending on your business needs, it’s a great start to building your custom CRM in Google Sheets.

There is a custom Google Apps Script code in the back of this Google Sheet to automate inputting new contacts, accounts, and invoices. For the scripts, I’ve included them at the end of this article.

Custom Google Sheets CRM Template [Make Your Copy]

Google Sheets CRM Template [FREE]

Google Sheets CRM Template:

  • Feel free to make a copy of this Google Spreadsheet to start your own custom Google Sheets CRM. Open the Google sheet and click File > Make a Copy. Then if you want to use the automations, go to the “Custom CRM” tab at the top and select one of the “Add” functions to allow the scripts access to your Google sheet.
  • Customize the template for the entities and fields you need. However, for the scripting automations to work, you’ll need to keep the columns the same in the Accounts, Contacts, Invoices, and Data Validation sheets.
  • Make your own copy and utilize the scripting automation in the background (Google Apps Scripts) to automate account creation, contact linking, and invoice input)

Using this template, you can get pretty far and have a decent database structure that includes:

  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Leads
  • Invoices
  • Documents
  • Products/Services

Each of these data entities is connected to each other by ids so that in the Account Lookup sheet, you can see all of them for a specific account.

1. Why Use This Google Sheets CRM Free Template?

Google Sheets is more than a spreadsheet tool. Its versatile functionalities can be used to create a CRM that caters to your unique business needs. From managing contacts and invoices to tracking leads and customer interactions, Google Sheets provides an accessible platform that requires no coding skills.

2. Steps to Building Your CRM with Google Sheets

a) Design Your Database

Start with categorizing the essential components of your CRM: contacts, accounts, invoices, documents, and more. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Accounts Database: Organize your client information with fields like Account ID, Account Name, Industry, Revenue, Main Contact, and so on.
  • Contacts Database: Record contact details including First Name, Last Name, Phone, Email, Company, Job Title, etc.
  • Invoices Database: Track your billing with Invoice ID, Date Sent, Amount, Status, and Linked Account ID.

b) Create Customized Forms

Utilize Google Sheets’ scripting capability to build forms for adding new accounts, contacts, and invoices. Apply validations to ensure the accuracy of the data entered.

c) Implement Automation

Google Sheets offers various functions to automate tasks, like populating dropdowns from specific sheets or using the QUERY function to gather data. These automations make your CRM efficient and user-friendly.

Connect your Google Sheet to your intake forms via Zapier and other automation tools.

d) Leverage Integrations

Integrate with other Google Workspace tools like Google Drive to store documents, or Google Calendar to schedule follow-ups.

3. Where Google Sheets CRM Systems Shine

a) Cost-Effective

No need to invest in expensive CRM software. Google Sheets is free, and with some time and creativity, you can have a fully functioning CRM system.

b) Flexibility and Customization

Unlike rigid CRM solutions, Google Sheets allows customization to suit your specific requirements.

c) Real-time Collaboration

Work simultaneously with team members, making data sharing and collaboration effortless.

How Global Hola Can Help

Managing a CRM requires continuous effort, which is where Global Hola’s virtual assistants come into play. Our experienced assistants can help your business:

  • Maintain your CRM: Regularly update client information, track interactions, manage invoices, and more.
  • Enhance Client Relations: Assist in sending personalized emails, scheduling appointments, and following up with clients.
  • Provide Support: Assist in troubleshooting, making updates, and even extending your Google Sheets CRM functionalities as your business grows.

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