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Comparing Top Applications for Tracking Virtual Assistants and Teams

Managing a virtual team can be challenging without the right tools. Fortunately, several applications are designed specifically to help streamline the tracking and management of virtual assistants and remote teams. In this blog, we’ll compare some of the top tools in the market, including Apploye, TimeDoctor, and a few others, focusing on their features, pricing, and how they can enhance your team management capabilities.

List Comparing Virtual Assistant Management Software (Comparison Table)

ApplicationStrengthsBest ForPricing Highlights
Virtual Assistant Management Software | ApployeComprehensive project & budget management, advanced remote tracking features such as screenshot and activity monitoring.Businesses looking for detailed productivity tracking and project management at a budget-friendly price.$5/user/month for Standard; $7/user/month for Elite with advanced remote tracking.
Time Doctor | Best Virtual Assistant Tracking and Management SoftwareExtensive features including silent tracking, productivity ratings, payroll features, and advanced reporting capabilities like video screen recording.Companies needing robust functionality with detailed analytics, scalability, and integration capabilities.$7 to $20/user/month, offering basic to premium features tailored to enterprise needs.
Virtual Assistant Management Software | TogglUser-friendly interface, unlimited time tracking across devices, and comprehensive reporting capabilities. Great integration options.Freelancers and small to mid-sized businesses who need a flexible and straightforward time tracking solution.Free for up to 5 users; $10/user/month for Starter; $20/user/month for Premium with advanced features.
Virtual Assistant Tracking Software | HubstaffStrong focus on automated payroll, GPS tracking, and advanced project budgeting. Offers high-level security and comprehensive monitoring tools.Businesses that require detailed employee monitoring, GPS tracking, and seamless payroll integration, especially suitable for remote and field teams.$7 to $25 per seat/month, depending on plan complexity and feature set.

Features and Pricing

Basic Plan

  • Price: $7 / user / month (billed monthly)

  • Target Users: Ideal for businesses seeking basic yet effective time tracking and productivity tools.

  • Features: The Basic plan from Time Doctor offers unlimited users and groups, which is perfect for managing teams of any size. It includes team and individual dashboards, unlimited projects and tasks, and silent tracking capabilities. Users benefit from unlimited screenshots, activity tracking, work-life balance metrics, and basic reporting to keep everyone accountable and productive.

Standard Plan

  • Price: $10 / user / month (billed monthly)

  • Target Users: Best suited for organizations that need more advanced tracking and productivity analysis.

  • Features: Building on the Basic plan, the Standard option introduces productivity ratings to gauge the efficiency of teams and individuals. It also includes break tracking, inactivity alerts to ensure active work hours are productive, and over 60 integrations with other business tools. Payroll features streamline compensation management, while web and app usage reports provide deeper insights into how work time is utilized. Daily and real-time email notifications keep teams informed and engaged.

Premium Plan

  • Price: $20 / user / month (billed monthly)

  • Target Users: Designed for larger enterprises or those needing the highest level of oversight and reporting.

  • Features: The Premium plan encompasses all features found in the Standard plan and adds several high-level tools for comprehensive management. These include video screen recording for detailed oversight, internet connectivity reporting to monitor network issues affecting work, client login access for transparency with clients, and an executive dashboard for a high-level view of company-wide productivity. Automatic user provisioning simplifies the management of team access, and a dedicated account manager provides personalized support and service.

Features and Pricing

Free Plan

  • Price: $0

  • Users: Free for up to 5 users.

  • Features: Offers unlimited time tracking, unlimited clients and tags, exportable reports, and full app integration across web, mobile, and desktop. Includes automated tracking in over 100 popular tools, Google and Outlook calendar integration, and inactive data storage for 6 months.

Starter Plan

  • Price: $10 per user per month (billed monthly).

  • Features: Builds on the Free plan by z

Premium Plan

  • Price: $20 per user per month (billed monthly)

  • Features: Extends the Starter plan with fixed fee projects, timesheet approvals, team tracking reminders, scheduled report emails, project forecasts and analysis, team labor costs, and advanced data integrity features. Also includes native integrations with Jira and Salesforce, and single sign-on (SSO).

Enterprise Plan

  • Price: Custom pricing, unlimited users.

  • Features: Includes everything in the Premium plan plus management of multiple workspaces under one organization, dedicated customer success manager with onboarding assistance, priority support, customizable solutions, and volume discounts for large teams on an annual plan.

Features and Pricing

Standard Plan

  • Price: $5 per user/month (billed monthly)

  • Target Users: Perfect for in-house teams, freelancers, or contractor teams of any size.

  • Features: This plan offers comprehensive time tracking, task management, and project & budgeting tools to ensure efficient workflow management. Users can enjoy a real-time view of active members, client and invoice management, detailed reporting & dashboards, and upcoming schedules feature. The platform is accessible via desktop and mobile apps, supports apps and devices management, and integrates seamlessly with other tools. Additional capabilities include team and admin features, payroll & members management, and attendance & leaves tracking.

Elite Plan

  • Price: $7 per user/month (billed monthly)

  • Target Users: Ideal for remote teams or a mix of in-house and remote setups.

  • Features: The Elite plan includes all the functionalities of the Standard plan plus enhanced features tailored for remote monitoring. This includes screenshot monitoring, optional screenshots, real-time instant screenshot capabilities, apps usage tracking, URLs tracking, and detailed activity & engagement analytics to better manage and support remote workforce productivity.

Both plans come with a 10-day free trial, allowing businesses to test and evaluate the features before making a commitment. Apploye’s tiered pricing and comprehensive features make it a versatile choice for managing diverse team structures, enhancing both productivity and operational transparency.

Features and Pricing

Starter Plan

  • Price: $7 per seat per month, 2 seat minimum (billed monthly)

  • Features: Includes time tracking, timesheets, activity levels, limited screenshots, limited app and URL tracking, limited reports, limited payments, clients & invoices. Support includes a two-day email support SLA.

Grow Plan

  • Price: $9 per seat per month, 2 seat minimum (billed monthly).

  • Features: Builds on the Starter plan by adding tasks, enhanced reports, one integration, idle timeout, project budgets, work breaks, and expenses. Support upgrades to a one-day email support SLA.

Team Plan

  • Price: $12 per seat per month, 2 seat minimum (billed monthly).

  • Features: Extends the Grow plan with insights, unlimited screenshots, unlimited app and URL tracking, auto discard idle time, teams, payments & payroll, unlimited integrations, overtime, time off & holidays, scheduling & attendance, client budgets, timesheet approvals, daily & weekly limits. Support includes chat support and a one-day email support SLA.

Enterprise Plan

  • Price: $25 per seat per month, (billed monthly).

  • Features: Includes all features from the Team plan plus location tracking, a corporate app, higher public API limits, payment via bank debit (ACH), HIPAA compliance, SOC-2 Type II compliance, enterprise deployment, account provisioning, and single sign-on. Support includes concierge setup, an assigned account representative, and a two-hour email support SLA.

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When choosing which virtual assistant management software is best for your business, each application offers unique features tailored to specific business needs. Making the right choice is highly dependent on the specific requirements and budget constraints of your company.

Apploye stands out for its affordability and comprehensive set of features tailored for both in-house and remote teams. It provides detailed project management tools and advanced tracking features such as screenshots and activity monitoring, making it ideal for businesses that require meticulous oversight of distributed teams. The pricing of Apploye is particularly attractive for startups and small businesses that need robust functionality without a significant financial burden.

Time Doctor, on the other hand, offers a broader range of features that cater to businesses seeking detailed analytics and productivity improvements across diverse teams. With capabilities ranging from basic time tracking to advanced features like video screen recording and internet connectivity reporting, Time Doctor is suitable for larger organizations or those that prioritize detailed insights into employee productivity and operational efficiency. Its scalable approach with various tiers of features allows businesses to choose a plan that best fits their growth stage and budget.

Toggl Track offers the simplest user interface and focuses on flexibility and ease of use, making it perfect for freelancers and smaller teams that require hassle-free time tracking. Its ability to provide unlimited time tracking across devices and integration with numerous tools makes Toggl Track a versatile choice for businesses that need straightforward, effective solutions without extensive monitoring features.

Hubstaff caters to companies that need strong automated payroll integration, detailed time tracking with GPS capabilities and in-depth resource management features. This makes it particularly suitable for businesses with field teams or those requiring rigorous compliance with labor regulations. Hubstaff’s comprehensive monitoring tools and higher pricing tiers reflect its utility for businesses that demand extensive functionality and multi-faceted project management capabilities.

In summary, each of these tools—Apploye, Time Doctor, Toggl Track, and Hubstaff—brings distinct advantages to the table. Choosing the right tool depends on the size of your business, the level of monitoring and reporting required, and how critical advanced features like payroll integration or GPS tracking are to your operational workflows. Whether you manage a small remote team or a large enterprise, these tools offer scalable solutions to enhance productivity and streamline team management.