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Best Outsourcing Companies for Solopreneurs | Global Hola

Outsourcing isn’t made for solopreneurs, or is it?

When you think outsourcing, you might be thinking of large call centers working with large companies and processes. If you are, you’re not wrong. In fact, most outsourcing companies focus on large clients (think US publicly traded companies) to outsource operations such as customer service and IT.

There are companies out there like Concentrix and Accenture that do a lot of big company outsourcing operations, but what companies are focused on providing outsourcing services for small businesses and solopreneurs like accountants, real estate agents, and independent consultants?

If you’re a solopreneur looking for some help to manage your tasks, where should you start looking, and what price should you expect to pay for some additional help?

Where to Find Outsourcing Services for Solopreneurs?

To help you narrow down the list of companies to investigate, I’ve compiled 8 outsourcing companies that focus on small operations outsourcing and solopreneurs. Their pricing structures and such can be somewhat murky given they don’t always provide the same apples-to-apples services, so I’ve tried to compare them as best as possible based on support-level and pricing for general virtual assistant roles.

Best Outsourcing Companies for Solopreneurs and Small Business Owners

Global Hola

As a company focused on building amazing connections between global talent and solopreneurs, Global Hola prides itself on finding expert virtual assistants and specialized professionals for many roles.

Their talents are based mostly in the Philippines, but they also hire in Latin America for talents that need Spanish-speaking professionals.

Fancy Hands

As more of a task-based option, Fancy Hands allows for simple “pay-per-task” options and also dedicated virtual talents based in the United States.

Time Etc

Time Etc prides itself on the efficiency of its talents based in the United States with an hourly price starting at $33/hour.

Wing Assistant

Wing Assistant hires talents worldwide to help solopreneurs complete tasks as members of their team. Their most basic plan does not allow for workflows, potentially limiting what part-time talents can do for solopreneurs, but their full-support plans allow for full use of talents including email management, calendar management, and back office support.


You can hire a virtual assistant using an online job board, but when you work with Magic, they take all the guesswork and time out of the process.

Magic ensures that your hire is high-quality and understands your needs. Similar to Global Hola and Bruntwork, they hire talents based in Southeast Asia and Latin America.

Elite Virtual Asssistant (Eva)

EVA’s team consists of dedicated professionals who allow solopreneurs to have part-time or full-time support from the United States. They focus on hiring talent specifically for legal support roles.


Outsourcing to BruntWork offers an array of advantages for solopreneurs aiming to boost productivity and profitability. It also can help businesses with its BPO service for outsourcing departments and business functions.

Which Outsourcing Company Should I Choose?

This is a really good question, and it’s one that you should consider based on the following:

  • Budget: What are you willing to pay for a virtual assistant or expert talent?
  • Support Needed: Do you need someone part-time or full-time?
  • Location: If it’s important for you, where does your outsourced talent need to be based?
  • Expertise Level: Are your processes and business easy, or do you need talents with a lot of experience?

If you’re looking to go the cheapest for part-time roles, Wing Assistant is probably your best bet; however, the quality of the talents will vary greatly.

If you’re looking for support from talents based in the United States, Fancy Hands, Time Etc, and Eva are good options.

A more balanced approach would be to hire expert virtual talents based in the Philippines from companies like Global Hola and Bruntwork. They offer expert virtual talents who are experienced and at a solid price point. These two companies focus on helping solopreneurs find expert talent fast and at a great price point. With talents based in the Philippines who are fully fluent in English and familiar with American work culture, solopreneurs can find amazing virtual support from these two companies.

Need some Help Choosing a Company?

Send me a message here on Medium in the comments. I’ll listen to your needs and provide you with a good recommendation based on your needs.