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Best Countries to Hire Virtual Assistants From: A Comprehensive Guide

List of Best Virtual Assistant Countries

Best Countries to Hire Virtual assistants from - Infographic

In the ever-changing world of technology and business, hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) has become an essential part of modern business in many countries like the United States and the UK. Whether you are a startup, a growing business, or an established corporation, the need for quality and cost-effective virtual assistance can be key when trying to improve your operations. However, it’s tough to know where to find the best virtual assistant talents, what countries are they in, and what platforms to find them on. So what are the best countries to hire virtual assistants from?

Here’s a detailed guide to the nine best countries where you can find proficient VAs to suit your needs.

Best Countries to Find Virtual Assistants

1. Philippines

Best Countries to Hire Virtual Assistants From: The Philippines

The Philippines is a major tech outsourcing hub, accounting for 15–20% of the global BPO market. Virtual Assistants here are fluent in English, have strong work ethics, and are often available at affordable costs. The country’s strong cultural affinity with the US and its high standards of education make it an attractive option. 

  • Average annual salary: USD 7,000

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2. India

Best Countries to Hire Virtual Assistants From: India

India leads in the offshore BPO market with specialized services ranging from accounting to software development. Although the demand has shifted recently to other countries, India’s nearly inexhaustible supply of high-quality, skilled workers makes it a great choice for hiring virtual assistants. 

    • Average annual salary: USD 4,000

3. United Kingdom

Best Countries to Hire Virtual Assistants From: The UK

Known for its upscale, well-educated English-speaking VA talent, the UK offers a wide range of skilled services. While the cost may be on the higher side compared to Asian countries, the quality and cultural compatibility can make it a worthy investment.

    • Average annual salary: USD 34,000

4. Canada

Best Countries to Hire Virtual Assistants From: Canada

Canada’s multicultural and highly educated population provides a rich pool of bilingual or even tri-lingual VAs. With time zones similar to the US and lower labor costs due to the Canadian dollar’s value, Canada presents a seamless and affordable option. 

    • Average annual salary: USD 38,000

5. Australia

Best Countries to Hire Virtual Assistants From: Australia

For businesses looking to save money without compromising quality, Australia’s VA industry stands out with its high professional standards and proficiency in over 240 languages. Australian VAs are competent, accountable, and skilled in diverse tasks.

    • Average annual salary: USD 39,000

6. United States

Best Countries to Hire Virtual Assistants From: United States

The rise of remote work within the US has expanded the industry significantly. Hiring a VA within the US offers diverse skill sets, an understanding of local practices, and often convenient time zone compatibility. Costs can vary depending on the location of the VA.

    • Average annual salary: USD 39,000

7. Singapore

Best Countries to Hire Virtual Assistants From: Singapore

Known for its economic growth and work ethic, Singapore offers VAs fluent in English, Chinese, and other languages. It’s a top choice for business owners targeting Asian markets who need top-quality talent.

    • Average annual salary: USD 28,000

8. Brazil

Best Countries to Hire Virtual Assistants From: Brazil

Brazil has emerged as a Latin American IT hub with potential in the VA sector. Though Portuguese is the dominant language, the growing English-speaking population and specialization in numerical tasks make it an option worth considering. 

    • Average annual salary: USD 11,000

9. Malaysia

Best Countries to Hire Virtual Assistants From: Malaysia

With English taught as a second language and the BPO sector growing at 8% annually, Malaysia offers affordable and skilled VAs. Initiatives by the government to make Malaysia a digital nation and a regional data hub further solidify its place on this list.

Additional Considerations

  • Mexico: With cultural similarities, the same time zones as the US, and over 15 million English speakers, Mexico offers a cost-effective option for hiring VAs.

  • Indonesia: With low labor costs and a growing English-speaking population, Indonesia may become an emerging market for VAs.


Virtual Assistants have proven to increase productivity by up to 80%, offering services like data entry, bookkeeping, scheduling, and more. The labor cost savings, availability of skills, and adaptability to different time zones make outsourcing VAs an attractive proposition. By 2023, the BPO market, including the VA industry, is projected to be worth $130 billion. The above countries lead the way in providing excellent offshore virtual assistance, allowing businesses to focus on growth and innovation. Whether it’s language proficiency, affordability, or expertise in specific tasks, these nations offer the best opportunities to find the right VA for your business.

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