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Alternatives to Optinizers Outsourcing Philippines

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Alternatives to Optinizers Outsourcing for Small Businesses

Optinizers Outsourcing Company offers a range of basic outsourcing services for small and medium-sized businesses. While they provide standard options like administrative support, customer service, IT support, and digital marketing, their approach might not be as innovative or customized as some businesses require. Although they claim to focus on quality and customer satisfaction, their services can sometimes fall short of expectations, especially when compared to more specialized providers. Despite their efforts to leverage technology, the effectiveness of their solutions can be hit or miss, depending on the specific needs of the client.

Filipino Virtual Assistant Outsourcing Companies List

List Comparing Outsourcing Companies Who Hire From the Philippines (Free Download)

About Optinizers Outsourcing

Compared to other small business outsourcing solutions, Optinizers tends to offer a more generalized service package that may not always align with the unique needs of each business. While other providers might excel in specific areas or offer highly tailored solutions, Optinizers’ offerings can sometimes feel more like one-size-fits-all. This can be a drawback for businesses seeking more specialized support or those with complex requirements. Additionally, their focus on maintaining a broad service spectrum might lead to compromises in the depth and quality of individual services, making them less competitive in certain niches compared to more specialized outsourcing companies.

Top Alternatives to Optinizers Outsourcing | Hiring in the Philippines

Global Hola

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  • Location of Talents: Philippines

  • Specialties: Offers a wide array of roles beyond marketing, including administrative support and tech services.

  • Pricing Model: Flat rate hourly hiring (see pricing)

  • Rates: $10.00 – $13.00 per hour (based on experience level) for a full-time VA (~$1,600 – $2,080 monthly)

  • Website:

  • Advantage: Offering flexible terms, open pricing, monthly contracts, and a 2-week risk-free period, Global Hola offers a level of white-glove service and flexibility that other outsourcing agencies can’t.

Marketer Hire

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  • Location: Philippines

  • Specialties: Digital Marketing

  • Pricing Model: Monthly Hiring

  • Rates: $3,000/month

  • Website:

  • Traffic and Ad Spend (Method to Measure Size): 5,394 organic monthly visits, and very high ad spend


Alternatives to EMAPTA Outsourcing
  • Location: Philippines / LATAM

  • Specialties: Diverse roles including tech and administrative services

  • Pricing Model: Hourly Hiring

  • Rates: $10.00 per hour for a full-time VA ($1,600 monthly)

  • Website:

  • Traffic and Ad Spend (Method to Measure Size): 111 organic monthly visits, significant ad presence

Connext Global

Alternatives to Connext Global Solutions
  • Location of Talents: Philippines

  • Specialties: Broad range of services

  • Pricing Model: Hourly hiring

  • Rates: $11.25 per hour for a full-time VA ($1,800 monthly)

  • Website:

  • Traffic and Google Ads Spend (Method to Measure Size): 121 organic monthly visits, $49,000 on Google Ads

Remote Coworker

Filipino Outsourcing Companies Comparison - Remote Coworker
  • Location: Philippines

  • Specialties: Primarily virtual assistants

  • Pricing Model: Hourly Hiring

  • Rates: $7.99 per hour for a full-time VA ($1,278.40 monthly)

  • Website:

  • Traffic and Ad Spend (Method to Measure Size): 186 organic monthly visits, modest ad spend


While Optinizers provides a robust framework for businesses seeking to outsource staffing to the Philippines, companies might find it advantageous to explore alternatives that offer different benefits, such as specialized talent pools in other regions or more tailored HR support systems. Exploring these alternatives allows companies to compare services, costs, and operational efficiencies, ensuring they partner with a provider that aligns closely with their specific requirements and growth strategies. Understanding the breadth of available outsourcing options can empower businesses to make informed decisions, optimize their remote workforce, and drive success in increasingly competitive global markets.