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Exploring Outsourcing Alternatives to Connext Global Solutions for Small Businesses

Exploring the outsourcing landscape is a strategic move for companies looking to boost efficiency and expand operations. Connext Global Solutions, known for its robust offshore staffing solutions from the Philippines, caters to a wide range of industry needs with comprehensive services. While Connext is recognized for its full-scale support and exceptional talent recruitment, examining how it measures up against other market players can provide deeper insights. This article aims to compare Connext Global Solutions with its competitors, offering valuable perspectives to help businesses make informed decisions about their outsourcing options.

Filipino Virtual Assistant Outsourcing Companies List

List Comparing Outsourcing Companies Who Hire From the Philippines (Free Download)

About Connext Global Solutions

Alternatives to Connext Global Solutions

Connext Global Solutions positions itself as a comprehensive provider of offshore staffing solutions, catering to a diverse range of industries from healthcare to IT. Based in the Philippines, Connext streamlines the process of building high-performing global teams by integrating all necessary services to manage offshore staff efficiently. This includes full-service recruiting, payroll, compliance, and management support, which are tailored to each client’s specific needs, offering month-to-month contract flexibility with transparent pricing starting at $1800 per month for full-time employees.

The company prides itself on its ability to deliver superior candidates quickly, maintaining an impressive client retention rate over its decade-long operation. Connext’s differentiators lie in its robust recruitment processes, capable of scaling to meet large demands, and a strong retention framework, highlighted by their industry-leading annual employee retention rates and a commitment to management excellence. Whether it’s setting up a dedicated offshore team for medical billing or creating cross-functional support for banking, Connext adapts its offerings to provide targeted solutions that drive significant cost savings and operational efficiency for its clients.

Top Alternatives to Connext Global Solutions | Hiring in the Philippines

Global Hola

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  • Location of Talents: Philippines

  • Specialties: Offers a wide array of roles beyond marketing, including administrative support and tech services.

  • Pricing Model: Flat rate hourly hiring (see pricing)

  • Rates: $10.00 – $13.00 per hour (based on experience level) for a full-time VA (~$1,600 – $2,080 monthly)

  • Website:

  • Advantage: Offering flexible terms, open pricing, monthly contracts, and a 2-week risk-free period, Global Hola offers a level of white-glove service and flexibility that other outsourcing agencies can’t.

Remote Coworker

Filipino Outsourcing Companies Comparison - Remote Coworker
  • Location: Philippines

  • Specialties: Primarily virtual assistants

  • Pricing Model: Hourly Hiring

  • Rates: $7.99 per hour for a full-time VA ($1,278.40 monthly)

  • Website:

  • Traffic and Ad Spend (Method to Measure Size): 186 organic monthly visits, modest ad spend


Alternatives to EMAPTA Outsourcing
  • Location: Philippines / LATAM

  • Specialties: Diverse roles including tech and administrative services

  • Pricing Model: Hourly Hiring

  • Rates: $10.00 per hour for a full-time VA ($1,600 monthly)

  • Website:

  • Traffic and Ad Spend (Method to Measure Size): 111 organic monthly visits, significant ad presence

Marketer Hire

Marketer Hire Logo
  • Location: Philippines

  • Specialties: Digital Marketing

  • Pricing Model: Monthly Hiring

  • Rates: $3,000/month

  • Website:

  • Traffic and Ad Spend (Method to Measure Size): 5,394 organic monthly visits, and very high ad spend


There are many alternatives to Connext Global Solutions that provide a great rate for virtual assistant services. Small businesses seeking more comprehensive or cost-effective outsourcing solutions have several alternatives to consider. Companies like Global Hola offer broader services at more competitive rates, providing flexibility and a wider talent pool to address various operational needs. Depending on the specific requirements, whether it’s multi-disciplinary roles or more specialized marketing support, businesses can select a partner that best fits their strategic goals.