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2 Weeks Risk-Free Period

2 Weeks Risk Free.

95% of our clients continue after the trial.

Nick Canfield & Vohn Precioso | Global Hola Founders

Hi. Nick and Vohn here. We’re the co-founders of Global Hola, helping small business realize the power of expert virtual talent from around the world.

Have you ever wanted to try bringing in virtual talent to your business, but you’re scared about whether it will work out? Worried that your new hire won’t fit with your organization or drive your business forward? We hear you, and we’ve been in your shoes.

However as 95% of our clients stay with us after one month, we’re confident in our talent placement services and know how to drive results for our small business clients. Adding college-educated, dedicated, and proactive talents to your business is something we love doing. We’re confident enough in our talent-matching abilities that we can guarantee you this: if you feel like not continuing with your virtual talent after two weeks (40 hours – part-time), we’ll give you a 100% refund.

That’s what it’s like working with Global Hola’s confident, expert, and white-glove outsourcing service. We find you only the best talent from around the world so that you can focus on growing your business. We’ll take care of the HR stuff.

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Rules & Conditions.

  1. Open to new clients only; not available for existing clients.
  2. Existing clients may be paid via the affiliate program only after the client has completed and paid for at least 80 hours of virtual talent support. 
  3. The 2-week free trial is valid for 40 talent hours (2 weeks of part-time 20 hours/week support or 1 week of full-time 40 hours/week support).
  4. If the client does not want to continue working with Global Hola after the 40 talent hours period, they can cancel their contract and get a full refund for the first 40 talent hours provided to them.
  5. New clients must prepay for the entire first month of their expected service agreement, including the 2-week risk-free period. Payments that are covered until the 2-week risk-free period are returned only after the client expresses their wish to discontinue the service.
  6. Once the client agrees to continue working with Global Hola after the 40-hour risk-free period is completed, they will not be able to have their initial 40 hours of talent support refunded.

Fair Use Policy:

  1. New clients only qualify for one talent placement for this program. 
  2. New clients will not be granted the risk-free period for any talent placements after their first one.
  3. The client will only be able to use the program once. Re-entering Global Hola’s service under new business entities or other structures intended to break the spirit of the program will not be accepted.
  4. Global Hola retains the right to cancel the program at any time.
  5. Global Hola retains the right to refuse any new client.

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