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We'll help your business...


Reduce Costs

Our outsourcing solutions can help your business achieve amazing results while reducing your labor costs by up to 70%.


Build Teams Faster

Increase the size of your team as more business comes your way. We’ll find you the perfect talent faster to enhance your team.


Improve Processes

We are true believers in continuous improvement for business growth. Our outsourcing solutions help streamline your current business processes to be more efficient and cost effective.

The Global Hola Difference

Global Hola grows your business by connecting you with virtual assistants and outsourcing solutions from across the globe. Our success is your success, and we want to help take your business to the next level with outsourcing.


We tailor our outsourcing solutions to fit the uniqueness of your small business while effectively scaling your teams with skilled global talent.

What sets us apart from traditional outsourcing companies?

Other outsourcing companies push you straight into outsourcing contracts and do not consider if outsourcing is the right solution for your business. That’s not right.


We consult with you to determine how best to improve your business, regardless of if outsourcing can help.


  • Is outsourcing the right solution for my business?
  • What tasks from my team can be outsourced effectively?
  • How can I prepare my business teams and departments for outsourcing opportunities?

Our expert business consultants analyze your current business processes to determine how to best improve them with either outsourcing and automation. If we determine together that outsourcing is the right solution for your business, we find you the right talent to make your business process move forward seamlessly. If automation is the best route, we help find you talent, tools, and processes to automate your business process.

Most outsourcing companies lock you into fixed contracts that guarantee their profits, not your business’s success. We’re different.


We’ll work closely with you to customize your contract to fit your specific outsourcing needs.

  • Need to scale quickly but don’t want to be locked into a contract that doesn’t adjust to your business’s needs?
  • Need to increase/decrease your level of support fast during changing business cycles?

Global Hola can adjust your contract to better fit your needs, allowing you to easily manage your business’s costs. We make sure that you only pay for the services you need because your success is our success.

We don’t just help small to medium-sized businesses; we’re also a small business.


We understand the challenges that small businesses face, especially the uncertainty that comes with growing and scaling business talent. That’s why we want to help you expand into the outsourcing talent world via various global markets. Our flexible outsourcing contracts and ability to personally connect with your team with a truly global workforce allow us to grow alongside with your business.

Other outsourcing companies only connect with you one or two talent markets. We do more.


Our global team helps connect your with outstanding talent in global markets such as:

  • Philippines
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • Costa Rica
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • India
  • Many more countries

Our founding team speaks English, Filipino, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. We understand that sometimes you need a team that understands certain markets well, and we can connect you with these global talent markets and more.

Many outsourcing companies only focus on providing businesses with virtual assistants. We do more.


Global Hola can help you find the right talent with a variety of skills and experience levels. These can include:

  • Virtual Assistants
  • Data Entry Professionals
  • Business Analysts
  • Accounting / Bookkeeping Professionals
  • Sales Professionals / Teams
  • Marketing and Creative Roles
  • Data Scientists and Business Intelligence Professionals
  • Many more profiles

You decide what type of skills your business needs to have, and we’ll find the right person or team with the right skillsets that can surpass your expectations.

Other outsourcing companies will lock you into the most expensive solution that gives you the least amount of control for your business process. We think that’s wrong.


Global Hola allows you to choose how much support you need for each business process we help you manage. This provides you with the right level of support, cost, and control you need.

Global Outsourcing Professional | Nick Canfield | COO of Global Hola

Nick Canfield

Founder & COO

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